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BUYER, WASHINGTON DC - "Annabel is a force of nature and absolutely the person you want and need to have by your side before venturing into the real estate market. She knows her craft, she is super-attentive to your interests and needs, finds every resource you need within minutes of the time it’s needed, and has or builds great relationships with everyone else you need to make the transaction work smoothly. The seller had a very difficult TOPA issue and Annabel guided everyone through it masterfully, filling gaps left by the seller’s team even when it wasn’t necessarily her/our issue; she just does whatever is needed to get you your house. She built a relationship with my lender representative and kept her in the loop through every step of the transactions. In this tight market, it was important to move fast, and Annabel was right on top of every new listing that was of interest to me, and got me in to see everything I wanted to see — if she wasn’t immediately available, her fabulous assistant Maddie was able to jump in. This group will care for you and stick with you until you’re in the house you want.



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