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"We just worked with Richard for the second time in one year. This time, on the sale of our home of 20+ years. From day one, until post- closing, Richard's partnership was OUTSTANDING, in every sense. When we started this process, we didn't even know if we were going to be selling, yet he was already committed. At our request, Richard toured, room to room, and created a document with his suggestions for what should be updated, should we decide to sell or simply make upgrades for our own enjoyment. Once our decision was made, we had our road map. Richard is strategic, in all senses, organized, pro-active, responsive and goes beyond over and above. In this case, before the house went on the market, we moved cross country. With Richard managing things, there was literally ZERO STRESS from working long distance. Richard obtained estimates, managed contractors and even did some of the work on the house himself. Richard also handled the staging company and supplemented with a number of his own items. He is a masterful marketer and swiftly had our house under contract and closed. Richard also ensured that the buyers felt cared for, upon moving in. The fall leaves were all cleared, all staging nail holes were filled and painted, so the place was in perfect shape! We have many friends in real estate, so it's tough not to spread the love. Richard leaves us no choice. He is SUPERB!" - Nancy Stevens

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