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FIRST TIME SELLER, ROCKVILLE, MD - "Annabel was terrific - very patient with a first time seller. She was sweet but ruthless in getting me to de-clutter. The marketing strategy was spot on for getting me the quick sale that I needed. Everyone involved in the presentation was very helpful and professional. Her contacts for contractors were outstanding (bathroom remodel, interior painting, deep cleaning, carpeting, storage, moving, and home warranty) as well as her office staff, the photographer and the person doing floor plans for the online slide show. Annabel gave me the feedback I needed and answered all my questions with rapid phone and email responses. I had chosen her as seller's agent because of the job she did selling the house across the street a few months earlier. I was pleased with what she did with my house and would heartily recommend her for selling a home. Mine was not a million dollar home and I still benefited from her hard work, knowledge and professionalism. My thanks."

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