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BUYER, RESTON, VA - "We had been looking online and in various neighborhoods for some time when we contacted Annabel on our daughter's recommendation. She immediately scheduled time to understand the type of property and location we were interested in. The next day, we received several excellent possibilities, and one of them became our top choice. From that moment on, Annabel and her staff were constantly on call, responding day or night to our questions and concerns during the entire process. She helped us with pros and cons during the initial walk-through; advised us as we put together an immediate offer against other bidders; connected us with an extremely competent banking associate for the mortgage application process; provided a wonderful inspector; and supported us during the stressful periods, to include negotiating inspection-related items. All the way through to the settlement, Annabel helped us feel secure about every aspect of the process. We would recommend Annabel without reservation. She was responsible for transforming what could have been a daunting task into a manageable one. Thanks, Annabel!"

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